January 2016

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Mark Rooney
Director, US Swine Business Unit
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MJPRRS® Vaccine

In a recent estimate, the American Association of Swine Veterinarians predicted that PRRS costs the US swine industry nearly $700 million annually. PRRS virus continues to be a significant issue for the industry and for our customers. Because of this, Phibro Animal Health Corporation (PAHC) is proud to announce our partnership with MJ Biologics (MJB) to exclusively market and support the MJPRRS® Technology.

Our first new product offering from this exciting partnership is the MJPRRS® vaccine – an autogenous 5-strain PRRS vaccine. PRRS is a changing, dynamic disease and your farm’s vaccine should have the flexibility to adjust with the virus. The MJPRRS® vaccine is a custom-made vaccine that helps to minimize production losses and assist operations in surviving continued PRRS challenges.

In addition to marketing this cutting-edge technology to veterinarians and their producers, PAHC and MJB intend to develop additional vaccines to continue to assist the swine industry in their battles against other viral diseases.

We are excited about combining MJB’s proprietary technology and experience with PAHC’s global expertise in developing innovative vaccines. Our entire team looks forward to continuing our work of offering cost-effective products to our customers through future product development.

MJPRRS® Technology

  • Autogenous killed vaccine (no added risk of viral shedding).
  • Up to five virus strains included in each vaccine serial to provide a broader scope of immune presentations as identified through MJPRRS® Grouping Technology.
  • Critical antigens identified by MJPRRS® Grouping Technology (E-Proteins) differ from the most common immune-stimulating antigens found in conventional killed or modified-live PRRS vaccines (N-Proteins).
  • Patented MJPRRS® Grouping Technology helps to identify and track common viral mutations.
  • The combination of proper virus identification, strain selection, proprietary harvest and antigen presentation techniques actively supports the PRRS control program on your farm.


MJPRRS® is made available through licensed veterinarians and is safe to use in both sow farms and in wean-to-finish production. This autogenous product is produced using a USDA-regulated process, tailored to your farm or system. Various considerations need to be made to ensure maximum immune response and we at Phibro Animal Health realize that no two farms or systems are alike. Please consult your Phibro Animal Health Sales or Technical Service Representative regarding use of MJPRRS® on your farm.

MJPRRS® Customer Service

In addition to your Phibro Representative, the experienced and trusted team of customer service professionals with MJB are still available to assist you with:

  • Conducting evaluation on PRRS field virus sequences,
  • Grouping analysis and historical comparison of PRRS virus sequences, and
  • Providing personal consultation with swine veterinarians

Potency and efficacy of autogenous biologics have not been established.


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