Over the years, Mecadox medicated feed additive has proven to be an effective tool in a wide range of health and management situations. Mecadox delivers benefits under a wide range of growing conditions such as:

  • Presence of enteric disease challenges
  • High-health or low-health status
  • SEW or conventional nursery management
  • Crowded or adequate floor space
  • High-lean genetic potential
  • Wean-to-finish buildings
  • New or used facilities

Mecadox also offers:

  • Effective control of enteric pathogens
  • Can be used in nursery, grower and early finisher diets
  • Multiple approved dosages and combinations
Mecadox 50g/ton, Still the Product of Choice
Mecadox and Banminth® not affected by upcoming FDA Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) requirements
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